User Meeting

Our Annual DOE JGI Genomics of Energy & Environment Meeting (UMX), will be held March 24-26, 2015 — Walnut Creek, CA.

JGI Presentations @ PAG XXIII

Download a brochure with a schedule of JGI-related presentations at the 2015 Plant & Animal Genome Meeting in San Diego, January 10-14, 2015. Or come see us along with KBase at Booth #203 in the exhibition hall.

MGM Workshops

MGM Workshops

17th Genomic Standards Consortium Workshop

JGI is hosting the  17th Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC 17) meeting May 4-6, 2015, followed by the satellite workshop, Genomes to Secondary Metabolites (G2SM) May 7-8, 2015.


A jamboree is a scientific meeting at which members of a scientific community gather to discuss the genome of an organism of common interest. Participants have the opportunity to annotate the genome in advance of the meeting. The focus can be a single organism or a family of organisms. Similar creatures are also typically studied in order to draw comparisons and contrasts. Attendance is by invitation.

Past Events

2012 Berkeley Open House Bioscriber – an educational tutorial – Developed as a means of introducing the concept of DNA synthesis/synthetic biology to the general public and how it is used at the DOE JGI and JBEI for bioenergy research, Bioscriber debuted on October 13, 2012 at the Berkeley Lab Open House. The tutorial level of this educational module shows how information from nature in the form of enzymes identified through genome sequencing can be harnessed to break down and convert plant biomass into an advanced, non-ethanol biofuel. The Bioscriber module is an ongoing project and those interested in becoming a part of the development team should contact David Gilbert, DOE JGI Public Affairs Manager: degilbert@lbl.govPlanting & Caring for Your Poplar – An info sheet distributed with poplar seedlings that were handed out at the 2012 Berkeley Lab Open House. The poplar was the first tree to have its genome sequenced, and the work was done at the DOE JGI.

CSP 2012 PI Workshop

Science Talks at the Lesher 

  • May 9, 2011,The Deal with Carbon: How Earth’s Mighty Microbes Respond — Watch on YouTube:
  • January, 18, 2011, The Future of Fuel: Local Solutions to Global Energy Challenges — Watch on YouTube:

Microbial Genome Reannotation Workshop

Application of High Performance Computing to the DOE Joint Genomic Institute’s Data Challenges  — January 25 – 26, 2010, Walnut Creek, CA,