Working with JGI

The DOE JGI Project Management Office (PMO) carries out a number of activities to facilitate world-class science. DOE JGI Project Managers collaborate with users to develop project requirements, define the scope of genomic work and outline roles and responsibilities resulting in a formal Statement of Work (SOW).

All work performed at the DOE JGI is initiated via the Work Initiation Process (WIP) interface. To submit a proposal, users must first log in (Note: new users of the DOE JGI will need to register and create a login at

Once users are notified that their proposal has been accepted, the PMO will assist with initiation of work through:

  • Coordinating execution of Institutional User Agreements
  • Coordinating with DOE JGI technical experts
  • Project design with Principal Investigator
  • Providing a General Orientation to DOE JGI systems to Investigators
  • Preparation of formal Statement of Work (project roadmap)

Users must prepare Materials (Samples) for Submission before they can receive an Approval to Ship Samples that will be subject to the DOE JGI’s capabilities, such as Next-Gen Sequencing and/or DNA Synthesis. Once materials are received, your Project Manager will facilitate project execution by:

  • Metadata verification and coordination with IMG, GOLD and others for data annotation and submission
  • Tracking, monitoring and expediting laboratory processing
  • Consulting with investigators or DOE JGI technical staff to resolve issues, as needed

Users are notified of sample QC results, sequencing QC results (as required) and/or DNA synthesis completion. During the sample QC process, your Project Manager will consult with you to resolve any issues that may arise. You may monitor the status of your sequencing project at any time by logging on to the Genome Portals using your  DOE JGI login.

After sequencing has completed, your Project Manager will initiate analysis with the appropriate DOE JGI analysis team. During this time, your Project Manager will:

  • Coordinate JGI data analysts and other technical experts
  • Track, monitor and report analysis status to investigators
  • Facilitate data sharing with investigators through DOE JGI Genome Portals
  • Coordinate data analysis tool tutorials, as needed

Upon completion of all work associated with your proposal, your Project Manager will formally close out your project. You will be notified of the project’s completion and receive instructions for how to access your data, share with collaborators, and coordinate publication with DOE JGI scientists. Synthetic DNA constructs are also shipped at this time. Your Project Manager will, as needed:

  • Provide additional requested information or resources to users
  • Coordinate meetings with DOE JGI Science Program leads
  • Solicit user feedback about your overall experience working with the DOE JGI.

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