Community Science Program (CSP)

Proposals for synthetic biology and small-scale microbial and metagenome projects may be submitted at any time as brief white papers and will be reviewed every six months. Deadline for submission is 60 days prior to the review.  See proposal schedule for specific dates.

For all other project types, a letter of intent is required to submit a proposal to the CSP. Submitters whose letters of intent/proposals are approved will receive further instructions via email.

Submit microbial/metagenome white papers (anytime), letters of intent (during the submission period) and full proposals (if invited) using the Work Initiation Process (WIP) interface.

Overview of the Community Science Program
What the Community Science Program (CSP) is and how it works.

CSP Proposal Schedule
Schedule for the proposal process.

How to Propose a CSP Project
Types of projects accepted, information to include in a proposal, and how to submit it.

CSP Review Process and Contract Documents
The review process, technical reviews, scoring criteria, Scope of Work, and User Agreement.

DOE Mission Relevance
Projects with relevance to DOE missions have the best chance for selection.

Answers to frequently asked questions about the CSP.

Approved CSP plans for past years