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A History of Phage-Host Interactions With Help From CRISPRs

Probes targeting bacteria (EUBmix; fluorescein isothiocyanate (green)) and archaea (ARC915; Cy5 (blue)) were used in combination with a probe targeting the Leptospirillum genus (LF655; Cy3 (red)). Overlap of red and green (yellow) indicates Leptospirillum cells and shows the dominance of Leptospirillum. (Banfield Lab, UC Berkeley)

A tool to help microbial ecologists link phages to hosts in ecological studies. The Science: Using metagenomic datasets produced from the Iron Mountain site in Northern California and customized tools, researchers used bacterial spacer sequences commonly called CRISPRs to link phage and hosts in … [Read More]

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